Information Technology/Database Administrator

BRAVE Church

19 Jan 2022

BRAVE Church

Information Technology

Full Time


The Information Technology and Database Administrator will ensure full operational capability of all BRAVE Church campus' network and WiFi appliances, and Rock RMS. Competencies vital for success in this role include project manager, team builder, problem solver, initiator, collaborator, and trainer.

QUALIFICATIONS: This person must be spiritually mature, humble, trustworthy, flexible, meticulous, and hard working. In addition to that, they must possess excellent administrative, managerial, organizational, and leadership skills with exceptional interpersonal competencies. 


  • Primary responsibility for implementation and ongoing maintenance and operation of Rock RMS. 
  • Work with hosting companies and other vendors for technical support and development as needed to ensure 99.9% availability for check-in and other needs during weekend services. 
  • Work with ministries to implement desired new features as they become available. 
  • Design, create and test registration and payment forms for any activities which require them. 
  • Train staff with new procedures and abilities and new features become available from the Rock Community. 
  • Ensure a highly developed upgrade plan is in place for upgrading Rock installs to ensure minimal down time. 
  • Design and create workflows which automate common recurring transactions, such as sending a welcome email with a survey link to a first-time guest. 
  • Design data views and reports to meet the needs of all ministries, then train those ministries on how to run the reports, or set up dashboards which automatically display the pertinent information. 
  • Work with ministries to create or modify activities and events in Rock as needed, and establish the appropriate reporting - i.e. grade level changes for Move-Up Sunday, room number changes for check-in as classrooms are reconfigured, etc.. 
  • Ensure that all devices used for check-in stay up to date and are working properly. 
  • Engage a group of tech volunteers that can learn basic troubleshooting of check-in kiosks and printers to ensure Sunday mornings run smoothly. 
  • Ensure appropriate levels of access to the database for all levels of users and maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive member information, particularly financial giving records. 
  • Project management will include interviews of all ministries to develop a list of requirements and desirable features, establishment of an implementation timeline, management of third party developers, then development and implementation of a training plan for all ministries of pertinent features. 
  •  General IT support for church and staff, including assisting with the use of computers, tablets, on-site servers, phones, networked printers and other duties as assigned. 
  • Ongoing maintenance and operation of BRAVE Church’s network and WIFI appliances. Make recommendations for ways to always improve our system with the best practices/current technologies. 
  • Handle integration and management of worship technologies that overlap with the main church networks, such as Dante routing and switches. 


  • RockRMS Experience (preferred) 
  • Microsoft Azure Portal 
  • Microsoft Virtual Servers and maintenance 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • DNS Management through online platforms 
  • Thrive on solving large and complicated technology problems 
  • Ubiquiti Network Systems experience